The 3 easiest ways to hack your afternoon snack with dark chocolate!

The 3 easiest ways to hack your afternoon snack with dark chocolate!

Keeping your stomach happy is important and especially in the afternoon grind. Snacks are KING for staying energized to crank out those emails. It’s no secret that we need the quickest nibbles to prevent the 3 PM zombie mode! The right snacks are of course the ones that are both healthy and delicious. I know it’s a struggle to track down snacks with both of those qualities so I’ll tell you about one that will NEVER fail you, and you can thank me later!

Lekkco Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread. You had me at Belgian chocolate. Belgium is known for having the best chocolate in the world, where Lekkco is made.

You’re probably wondering “How on earth is chocolate spread healthy?”

I’ll share all of Lekkco’s secrets to being healthy AND something delicious. I will also share some of the many ways to use this mouth-watering miracle for some of your best snacks ever.

Snack Idea #1. Lekkco + fruit + pretzels = tastes like heaven.

Lekkco is an all-natural delicious Belgian dark chocolate. You can easily and quickly prepare a snack at any time. Just grab the jar of Lekkco, a spoon, fruit and you’re good to go! You can always switch up your fruit with a pretzel for ultimate dipping pleasure. Lekkco is low sugar ( 30% lower than Nutella) and only has 60 calories per serving (1 Tablespoon). Even though work might get boring, your snack with Lekkco never will!

Snack Idea #2 You pick your fancy; bold, blonde, cold brew, foam, no foam, hot or cold – Lekkco pairs beautifully with any coffee or tea!

Besides being so tasty, I love that Lekkco is nut-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan! I know there’s tons of people out there that avoid specific foods for these reasons but Lekkco is here for almost everyone! My brother has always been allergic to nuts and we’ve had Nutella in the house many times (after persuading my parents who always made it clear it wasn’t healthy) so when I brought some Lekkco home, his jaw dropped (and so did theirs).

Spread Lekkco on your favorite bread/bagels/rice cakes- add fruit on top, grab your favorite cup of coffee or tea- the ultimate snack. You can even add a spoon of Lekkco INTO your coffee! Use Lekkco as a sweetener. It melts right in and you won’t regret it.

Homemade Chocolate Drizzled Caramel Popcorn Ready to Eat

Snack Idea #3. Drizzle it, just a little bit. Lekkco popcorn. Heck yes, you read that right!

Just look at that drizzle!! Lekkco is low in sugars, calories, and will make your taste buds dance when drizzled on some popcorn! With Lekkco’s four dark chocolate flavors (original dark chocolate, caramel sea salt, coconut and banana) your drizzle will be the sizzle!. Popcorn is quick and easy to make and isn’t too messy to eat! Oh, and with Lekkco, it’s so delicious.

With these easy and simple snacks, you’re guaranteed to get a natural boost of energy to keep you going at work! Sometimes all I need’s a spoonful of it. Strait up, off the spoon!

Lekkco Belgian Dark Chocolate Spreads are available nationwide at Cost Plus World Market, at Lekkco.com and on Amazon.

Ideas, snack inspirations and contribution by Andzelika Kukla

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