Red Velvet Smoothie Bowl

Red Velvet Smoothie Bowl

Red Velvet Smoothie Bowl



Smoothie bowls are the perfect and easy way to be festive as Valentines approaches! We’ve added an extra dose of red into this bowl. Any ideas what ingredient?

  • 00 1/2 Small Red Beet, peeled
  • 00 1 Small Banana
  • 00 3 Tb. Lekkco
  • 00 1 Tb. Honey or Maple syrup, optional
  • 00 6 Tb. Greek Yogurt
  • 00 2 Tb. Almond Butter
  • 00 Garnish Banana Slices, Lekkco Drizzle, Chia Seeds, Frozen Berries, Lekkco Granola, etc.
  • 00 Add the beet, banana, Lekkco, honey, yogurt, and almond butter to the blender and blend until smooth. Scrape the sides, as needed.
  • 01 Pour the mixture into a serving bowl and add the toppings as desired. Serve immediately and enjoy!

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