Lekkco Halloween Graveyard

Lekkco Halloween Graveyard

Lekkco Halloween Graveyard



A perfect nut-free and festive snack for the classroom or office.

  • 00 20 Lekkco Belgian Dark Chocolate single serve cups
  • 00 10 Crushed graham crackers
  • 00 1 Container of mini marshmallows
  • 00 ½ Bag of coconut flakes
  • 00 Candy Bats
  • 00 20 Small wooden tasting spoons
  • 00 Toss coconut flakes in green food coloring until colored.
  • 01 Spread coconut flakes on a cookie sheet.
  • 02 Open and place 20 Lekkco single serve cups on tray.
  • 03 Fill half of the cup with crushed graham crackers, the other half with mini marshmallows.
  • 04 Place 1 candy bat on top for spooky effect.
  • 05 Insert 1 wooden spoon with “R.I.P.” written on handle into each cup.
  • 06 Serve and watch the smiles.

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