Lekkco Chia Parfait

Lekkco Chia Parfait

Lekkco Chia Parfait



Chocolate will become as synonymous for breakfast as coffee when it’s a versatile as Lekkco Belgian dark chocolate spread. 

Pack powerful superfoods, chia seeds, and dark chocolate into a parfait that’s a great breakfast or snack. 

  • 00 6 tbsp of Lekkco Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread
  • 00 1 Can of coconut milk
  • 00 1/3 Cup of chia seeds
  • 00 1 Bananas
  • 00 2 Cups of all natural Greek yogurt
  • 00 In a blender mix coconut milk and bananas until smooth
  • 01 In a bowl, mix chia seeds, blended coconut milk and bananas. Place in plastic container overnight.
  • 02 Mix 2 tbsp of Lekkco into 2 cups of all natural Greek yogurt.
  • 03 To arrange parfait, scoop Lekkco Greek yogurt into the bottom of a glass or mason jar.
  • 04 Layer chia pudding on top.
  • 05 Top pudding with a scoop of Lekkco and if desired berries
  • 06 Enjoy!

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