The Best Valentines Day Recipes | Breakfast, Dessert and Drinks

The Best Valentines Day Recipes | Breakfast, Dessert and Drinks

Cheers to the first blog post of 2021!

We’re going to start it off with a dive into Valentines Day. Whether you’re a fan of Valentines Day or not, reminding someone that you love them is necessary. If you’re celebrating a new relationship or spending time with your significant other, preparing and sharing food is the best way to show your love. As the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has some of us staying home, these delicious sweets will keep the festivities romantic and comfortable as you enjoy each others company at home.

You’ll find the following recipes perfect for Breakfast, Desserts, or Drinks. In typical Valentine’s Day fashion, we’ve focused on dessert as a starting point. Get creative by layering different ingredients or simply cut heart shapes into the sweets. If you have a sweet tooth, consider the Dark Chocolate Mousse or Dark Chocolate Liqueur Martini.

Watch our Valentines Day playlist here:


Dark Chocolate Mousse – Who’s up for classic Valentine treat? We hope you are, as we’ve got for you the perfect chocolate mousse recipe.

Panna Cotta – You won’t only want to eat this Panna Cotta on February 14th, trust us.



Red Velvet Smoothie Bowl – Looking for a healthier, nutrient dense, vegan breakfast smoothie? This is it.

Heart Shape Pancake Stack – Keep breakfast festive, and chocolatey!



Hot Cocoa Bombs – We couldn’t pass on the opportunity to join the hottest trend of winter 2020!

Dark Chocolate Liqueur Martini – End the night (and the blog) with a sweet Dark Chocolate Liqueur Martini.

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